Sika Near East - A reference of quality

Established in Lebanon in late 1998, Sika Near East s.a.l. is headquartered in Beirut - Lebanon, with a local laboratory, liquid mixer, warehouse, sales & marketing facilities across Lebanon, Syria,

Recognized as a leader in the development of value-added products, Sika is committed to renew and improve its products, systems, and procedures. This commitment is an on-going process. Sika’s manufacturing facilities around the world have earned the ISO Certification ensuring Sika’s high standards are maintained everywhere. 

Sika Near East products have become a reference for high quality in the construction and industrial markets. The industrial market includes transportation, auto glass replacement, marine, appliances and equipment, fenestration, HVAC, and metal construction focusing on sealing, bonding, and protecting. Sika’s products in the construction market include specialty mortars, grouts, structural strengthening systems, sealants, adhesives, moisture protection, surface hardeners, and industrial flooring.

Sika Near East s.a.l. is committed to customer satisfaction, innovation and teamwork.

Sika Lebanon

Sika Lebanon

Sin El Fil -Jisr El Bacha Sector 5, Road 70

PO-BOX 55163
Beirut, Lebanon (RL)
Tel: +961 1 510270 +961 1 512272
Fax: +961 1 510271