Sika is committed to proven and economic water-tight solutions for even the most challenging requirements. Sika considers the entire waterproofing process to the very last detail. Typical waterproofing applications are below ground structures for buildings, tunnels and other civil engineering structures. Sika also provides special solutions for drinking water reservoirs and waste water treatment plants. Sika offers a unique range of complete systems and products based on extensive experiences and supports owners, engineers and contractors in the design and construction process.

New York Metropolitan Transit Authority #7 Line, 2nd Avenue Tunnels and Stations, New York City
World Leading Waterproofing

Sika, the world’s leading waterproofing company has been producing innovative and high quality waterproofing products since 1910. Sika’s waterproofing technologies include: the integrated “White Box” concept which is a water-tight concrete combining joint waterproofing; Sika also provide high-quality flexible PVC and FPO membranes with unique compartment system; polyurea, polyurethane and epoxy coatings; complete injection systems; mortars, renderings and more. Many of the products fulfil the most stringent drinking water approvals.

FIFA Headquarters, Zurich, Switzerland
Value Engineering and alternative Sika Solutions
  • Cost Performance ratio
  • Innovation of new technologies
  • Products to suit application requirements
Waste Water Treatment Plant, Wrocław, Poland
Unique Sika Solutions for special Site Conditions
  • Microbiological and chemical attack resistant products
  • High mechanical resistant products
  • Free of physically linked plasticizers
  • Ecologically sustainable products