Sika is a proven and reliable partner to the whole building and construction industry. Worldwide we provide our customers far more than just the best ‘state of the art’ and technically proven roofing materials. We also assist and add value for our customers, by providing many more support services for our products and their installation.

Wind Load Calculations

Our specially developed “Jet Stream” computer software is used to calculate mechanical fixing systems for our clients and their designers. This ‘state of the art’ software now includes most national standards and regulations. It is an extremely efficient and practical tool for producing the most effective fixing solutions.

Roof analyses, Refurbishment and Specification Details

When required, Sika roofing specialists can assist with the preparation of a roof analysis or survey required for roof refurbishment projects. This provides customized re-roofing specifications which also include detailing solutions.

Own installation equipment

Equipment which is specifically developed for installation of Sika roofing systems includes:

  • Welding machines
  • Sikalastic application tools
CAD Details, Technical Documentation

A wide range of CAD drawings, Installation Guidelines, Method Statements, Product Data Sheets and considerable additional technical documentation, Approvals and Certificates are available for Sika roofing membranes and systems.

Roofing Application Guides

In every roofing system being installed, the Sika PVC and FPO single ply membranes must always be securely welded either with special hot air welding equipment or by solvent welding. Sika provides custom manufactured welding machines specifically designed to achieve optimum performance.
More information about roofing application guides

Technical and Product Trainings

The many different applications for Sika roofing systems require different installation techniques and detailing solutions. Sika also offers technical and application training courses for contractors to educate them on the various Sika roofing systems and application methods.

Technical and Product Trainings

If your roofing has a problem, or your roofing system has reached its life end and needs a replacement, Sika is the right partner to provide you professional environmental condition analysis and existing roof evaluation. And, if a more detailed analysis is needed of specific conditions, our local roofing experts can recommend
a local roofing consultant or contractor to work with you.

For a new roof, a comprehensive maintenance plan is recommended to ensure the performance of a roofing system over a longer time. We summarize 3 steps: 1. schedule routine inspections; 2. develop a checklist; 3. the inspection.
Again, our local roofing experts will be happy to give you advice.


There is a warranty program fulfilling different client’s needs and demands. Contact your local Sika organization for more information about the type and duration of warranties available in your country.