Sika is the worldwide leader in single ply membrane (Sika Sarnafil and Sikaplan PVC, Sika Sarnafil FPO) and liquid applied membrane (SikaRoof MTC, Sikalastic and Sikafill) manufacturing with more than 50 years of membrane production history and expertise.
Its membrane materials have been installed on buildings in varying climates all over the world. A history of proven performance over more than a half a century is the basis for our reputation for the highest quality membranes that stand the test of time.

Here are some selected references where Sika roofing systems still perform properly:

  • Persoucio, Switzerland: 43 years of service - installed in 1967 with Sarnafil G 410-12 
  • First United Methodist Church, Gilford, New Hampshire, UK: 37 years of service - installed in 1976
  • Beer brewery, Memmingen, Germany: 35 years of service -Sarnafil S 327-12 - installed in 1978
  • Brookshire Grocery Company, Tyler, Texas/USA: 33 years of service - installed in 1980
  • Australian Institute of Sport AIS Arena Canberra, Australia: 33 years service - installed in 1980
  • Pitman Company facilities in Woburn, MA, USA: 33 years of service - installed 1978, replaced with another Sika Sarnafil system in 2010
  • Saddle Dome Calgary, Canada: 32 years of service - Sarnafil G 410-12 / installed in 1982
  • Winthrop Elementary School, Hamilton, Massachusetts, USA: 32 years of service - installed in 1981

Sika roofing membranes have been proven to work around the world on facilities as diverse as high-rises, museums, retail stores, sports arenas and schools – in every conceivable climate.