Professional Building Envelope Sealants

SikaHyflex sealants are highly durable weatherproofing products for sealing facade and roof joints in building envelopes which meet the highest standards.

Due to cost-pressure, growing requirements for reduced energy consumption and lower carbon dioxide footprint as well as increasing demands on the quality of living and working environments construction materials for facades have undergone a change during the last years and their number increased significantly.

SikaHyflex - A Sustainable Solution

SikaHyflex products are designed to meet the increased requirements high performance sealants have to fulfill today. They adhere to all kinds of substrates and have an extremely high movement capability of up to +100/-50% in order to absorb large movements. SikaHyflex sealants exhibit an exceptional durability due to their outstanding UV and weathering resistance.

Sika strives for sustainable building construction and therefore focuses on long-lasting solutions. SikaHyflex sealants ensure tight building envelopes permanently and thus contribute significantly to the reduction of heating and cooling energy of buildings.