Joint sealants make up only a small portion of the monetary value of a construction project and are often considered as an unimportant detail. Yet, joint sealants play the major role in keeping a building air and water tight and thus prevent damages with unforeseeable consequential costs.

Sika offers solutions rather than single products. Individualised service and support are a key element to guarantee long-lasting joint sealing solutions that keep their function even under the most difficult and adverse conditions.

Sika Brand Value
Sika Brand Value

Sika brand is recognized in the world as a leading supplier for high-quality technical solutions in the construction market.

Global Presence
Global Presence

Sika joint sealing products and systems are widely specified worldwide. They are used in all kind of projects and are available in distribution channels. Our sales force and technical team are located close to the customers in more than 75 countries.

Sika Promotion of Maintenance and Service Agreements
Project Design and Specification

Project support, with the technical know-how and experience of Sika for sealing solutions for joints in building envelopes, civil engineer constructions and floors, guarantees the correct design of every connection detail and ensure long-lasting and tight constructions. Contact your local Sika organization for product specifications and technical details.

Sika’s contribution to Green Building Programs
Sika’s contribution to Green Building Programs

Sika sealants comply with the strictest standards in regard of VOC and emissions and contribute added value to green building projects. With Life Cycle Assessments, emission certificates and proven durability Sika sets a new benchmark in the sealant market.

Training and On-Site Support

The professional technical competence is brought to the specialist applicators and distribution channels during the technical training and road shows to improve onsite application skills which ensure the best outcome of the system performance.


There is a warranty program fulfilling different client’s needs and demands. Contact your local Sika organization for more information about the type and duration of warranties available in your country.

Partner of Your Projects and Distribution Business

Sika offers full-range compatible solutions for construction from basement to roof, out of one hand, together with strong technical and sales support.

Sustainability and Responsible Care for the Environment

Sika strives for best solutions and developed a full system of sealing solution for sustainable constructions. Solutions for tight building envelops help to minimize the consumption of heating or cooling energy and chemical resistant sealants keep containment bunds tight and protect groundwater from pollution. Thanks to the unique i-Cure technology the majority of the sealants can be used within buildings which have to fulfill the highest “Indoor Air Quality” standards.