Sika Flooring Systems have been developed for a wide range of markets. Each of these markets have specific requirements in terms of traffic and mechanical wear, chemical resistance, temperature, slip resistance, impact resistance, permeability to liquids, reaction to fire, rapid curing, etc.

Our global industrial flooring expertise is directly linked to our high-performance products and customer needs. We have developed systems taking into account design life, operational requirements, construction joints, floor to wall connections, surface design and installation details.

Sika Brand Value

Sika brand is recognised in the world as a leading supplier for high-quality technical solutions in the construction market.

Global Presence

Sika flooring products and systems are widely specified worldwide. They are used in all kind of industrial facilities, on bridges, in power plants, logistic centres and housing projects. Our sales force and technical team are located close to the customers in more than 75 countries.


Sika specialists provide extensive support to project owners, architects and engineers in the planning, design and specification phase. They support the specialized contractor in planning and preparing the Installation of the flooring systems.

Training and On-Site Support

The technical competence is also brought to the specialist applicators during the technical training to enhance the skills of the contractor to better use Sika’s technologies.

Innovating Application Tools

The competence of Sika is extended to the development of innovating application tools to assist the specialised contractor achieving the best efficiency and outcome of the products.

Tailored Wide Range Solutions

Sika flooring solutions are designed for the unique requirements of each project, especially in the industry where the flooring system is part of the industrial process due to the various chemical, mechanical and thermal exposures.

Certified Systems

Sika Flooring products are following the requirement of National or International standards and the Sika flooring systems are widely tested to fulfil the various requirements of the relevant application field.

Maintenance and Cleaning Advices

The Sikafloor systems are installed for a long life span and Sika specialists offer maintenance and cleaning advices for the systems in various environments where they are installed.

Partner of Your Projects

Sika offers full-range compatible solutions for construction from basement to roof, out of one hand.

Sustainability and Responsible Care for The Environment

Sika aims to address environmental and safety concerns throughout the value chain. On the specific Flooring system portfolio, Sika is evaluating the whole Life Cycle Assessment of the system according to various international standards.