Sika specialists provide extensive support to project owners and engineers in the planning, design and specification phase. Sika concrete products and systems are widely specified worldwide. They are used in tunnels, bridges, power plants, industrial facilities, logistic centres and housing projects – all types of concrete structures.
Sika is serving the concrete industry all around the world, which allows to be close to your business and to understand the requirements.

Solutions for Watertight Concrete

The Sika Watertight Concrete System offers a comprehensive solution for watertight structures. The system consists of concrete that has been specially modified with Sika admixtures to produce waterproof concrete; and carefully selected waterstops for construction and movement joints. Watertight concrete structures can be designed to keep water in or out or both. The need to maximize design flexibility has led clients and specifiers to look below ground as an alternative, whether for basement parking or a habitable environment.

Solutions for Sustainable Concrete

Concrete admixtures can improve the sustainability of concrete in many different ways. Firstly, admixtures can improve the quality and performance of concrete significantly, which in return extends its service life. In addition, thanks to the use of admixtures the application of concrete instead of other building materials can improve the life cycle of infrastructures, i.e. concrete roads greatly improve the quality and durability of highways for main traffic arteries compared with conventional road surfacing.

Further, the addition of special admixtures, such as stabilizing or water reducing admixtures also enables the use of alternative and recycled materials, such as recycled aggregates, for the production of good quality concrete. Finally, in many cases the energy required to produce certain cement or concrete mixes will be positively impacted with the use of admixtures. One example is the addition of water reducing and accelerating admixtures to obtain high early strengths in precast concrete to greatly reduced or even completely replaced external heating of elements.