Sika-Putzmeister Concrete Spraying Systems

The product range of shotcreting equipment includes mobile spraying robots as well as trailermounted units, with spraying reaches of up to 17 m and concrete conveying performances of up to 30 m3/h.

Sika®-PM 307

Track-mounted mobile spraying unit designed for automatic application of shotcrete in underground work (wet and dry process). Ideal for smaller tunnel sections and slope protection.

Sika®-PM 702

Compact double piston concrete pump for hand-held concrete spraying, using the humid mixing process / dense flow method. Available with mobile chassis and liquid additive pump.

Sika®-PM 500

The first jointly developed concrete spraying system by the Sika-Putzmeister alliance. With a vertical spaying reach of 17 m, the Sika®-PM 500 is used for medium and large tunnel sections, caverns and high slopes. The automatic spraying arm allows an optimum maneuverability. The double piston concrete pump Putzmeister BSA 1005 has a max. pumping capacity of 30 m3/h.

Sika®-PM 4207

This robust and compact concrete spraying machine was purpose-built for the rough working conditions of mining. The spraying arm with a vertical reach of 9 meters is designed to work in medium and small sections. The double piston concrete pump Putzmeister P715 has a maximum pumping capacity of 20 m3/h. With the possibility of an on-board screw-compressor, the machine becomes more mobile and independent in its use.

Sika®-PM 5312

This compact machine is designed to be mounted on a 2- or 3-axle truck, which facilitates its transport to and on site on the road. Its design offers the user a perfect accessibility to the components and makes it easy to maintain. The spraying arm has a vertical reach of 14 meters, the maximum pumping capacity of the concrete pump is 30 m3/h.

Video Concrete Spraying