Concepts for Green Cement
Concepts for Green Cement

Cement is a major part of today’s construction industry which demands solutions that consider both economical and ecological aspects. Cement manufacturers are continuously striving to achieve more efficient and environmentally-friendly production methods. Sika offers cost-effective concepts for a more ecologically-friendly production of so-called 'green' cement.

Cement Additives. Reprint of article published in International Cement Review, April 2010

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Sika solutions for cement production

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Cement is vital for today’s construction industry. The cost optimized production of quality cement which meets customer demands and standards as well as sustainability issues challenges every cement plant individually. Sika offers innovative Cement additives which positively affect the production process and the quality of cement.

Date: 8/30/16
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SikaGrind for Vertical Roller Mills

Date: 8/31/16
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