Structural Bonding

Products: Structural Bonding

Rigid Bonding

An important use of epoxy resin based adhesives is in the bonding and sealing of large scale concrete segments during segmental bridge construction work. In this system precast concrete units or ‘segments’ are usually "match cast" ie each unit is cast against the previously cast one, with only a bond breaker between them.
The Sikadur epoxy adhesive is applied between the hardened precast units as they are assembled to seal the joints, provide a uniform surface bearing area for assembly without damage and to help distribute the stresses uniformly.
Additional applications for bonding concrete elements also occur in many other areas including roofs, concrete pipes, retaining walls and tanks etc.

Epoxy Anchoring System

The resin based materials can be used to fix numerous components and fittings directly into a variety of substrates.
Chemical anchors are ideally suited for high load applications, as the resulting bond is stronger than the base substrate material itself in almost all instances. Additionally, as the system is based on epoxy adhesion, no pre-loading stress is imparted to the substrate, as it is with expansive mechanical anchors.