Mechanically Fastened Roofs

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Mechanically Fastened Roof Systems

Mechanically fastened systems are suitable for both new and refurbishment projects of any size, proving cost efficient roofing systems for exposed applications.
Ideally suited to projects where wind uplift is high, fast installation is required or the attachment of the existing roofing system is unsatisfactory, mechanically fastened systems are extensively used for large, lightweight metal decked structures such as distribution and logistics centres, warehouses, supermarkets, workshops etc.
Mechanically fastened systems are often selected for difficult access (such as inner city environments), where hot works are not permitted, where speed of application is critical to the programme and where an unusual roof design is required, a situation where the Sarnabar system excels.
In all cases, the number of fasteners required for the attachment of the system will be determined by the wind load calculation produced by Sika Sarnafil, in accordance with the local regulations.