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Systems: Industry Chemical / Pharmaceutical

Smooth Coloured Rigid Screed

Total layer thickness: 2.0 - 3.0 mm
Economic self-smoothing system for concrete and cement screeds with normal up to medium heavy wear e.g. storage and assembly halls, maintenance workshops, garages, loading ramps etc.

Broadcast Coloured Rigid Screed

Total layer thickness: 2.0 - 4.0 mm
Broadcast system with slip resistant properties, especially designed for multi-storey and underground car parks, maintenance hangars and for wet process areas, e.g. beverage and food industry.

Textured Coloured Rigid Coating

Total layer thickness: 0.6 - 0.8 mm
Coloured, textured and slip resistant coating for production areas, storage and assembly halls or exhibition areas. Excellent balance between slip resistance and cleanability.

Cementitious Self-Smoothing Screed

Total layer thickness: 5 - 25 mm
Versatile and durable sub-floor pumpable cementitious screed which can be applied manually or by pump to achieve rapid, flat, economic substrate levelling prior to the application of the floor finish. Suitable for Manufacturing Industry, Institutional Buildings and areas where high mechanical strength, high abrasion wear resistance and flat, level surfaces are required.

Temporary Moisture Barrier on Green & Damp Concrete

Sika manufacture a range of solutions that can be used on relatively new or 'green' and damp concrete as a temporary moisture barrier in order to reduce waiting times for the subsequent vapour tight floor topping system.