RMC Concrete Technology

Product Groups: Water Reducing Adixtures

Water Reducers

It is concrete admixtures used to enhance concrete workability and reduce water cement ratio.

Mid Range Water Reducers

For most concrete mixes extra reduction of water cement ratio, extended slump retention and high early and final strengths are common requirement for concrete producers, Sika afford all of that by using it's mid range water reducers.

High Range Water Reducers

Placement of concrete in case of heavy reinforcement and high early and final strengths required parallel with altmite reduction in water cement ratio is big challenge if flow able self level concrete is needed. Sika solve the problem by using its high range water reducers.

Product Group: Set Retarding Admixtures

Set Retarding Admixtures

Sika set retarding admixture meets the requirements of SIA standard 162 (1982) and guideline A (1982) FSHBZ.

Product Group: Durability Enhancing Admixtures

Durability Enhancing Admixtures

System solutions with Sika not only meet high requirements for durability, they fit the trends of modern concrete placing and architectural aspects in combination with ecological requirements. All these advantages are supplemented by a comprehensive range of technical services that can be used individually depending on the specific needs of the customer and project.

Product Group: Special Purpose Concrete

Special Purpose Concrete

Sika provide the maket need with special puposes of concrete such as corrosion inhabitors, air entraining and lightweight concrete.

Product Groups: Waterproofing concrete admixtures

Waterproofing concrete admixtures

Sika provides a special range of products for producing waterproofing concrete specialy for water-retaining structures.