Keystone of sustainable construction and core competence of Sika.

Innovation has been Sika’s driving force ever since the company’s foundation. What began a century ago with waterproof mortar and expanded through countless new products and applications has culminated in a technology fit for the twenty-first century. Waterproofing serves a dual function: It prevents either the escape or the infiltration of water, i.e. keeps water in or out of structures. While the theory is simple, its practical application is complex and demanding. The elaborate system solutions employed today are necessitated by compelling economic and ecological arguments:

Waterproofing preserves the structural fabric and prolongs the service life of facilities. It prevents damage and cuts maintenance costs. It protects investment. Yet, its impact is far more profound. Much state-of-the-art infrastructure would be unthinkable without reliable waterproofing systems. On tunnel, bridge, high-rise and multi-story parking projects, in industrial and plant engineering, systematic structural waterproofing is fundamental to sustainable construction.

Sika waterproofing technology comprises

  • The White Box system solution, comprising watertight concrete combined with joint sealing
  • Complete waterproofing systems with flexible PVC and FPO membranes combined with water bars and built-in injection systems as an additional safeguard over the entire service life of the structure
  • Injection solutions for subsequent waterproofing of cracks and voids
  • Special joint sealing systems for precast concrete elements
  • Waterproof polyurethane, polyurea and epoxy coatings
  • Watertight mortars and renders
  • Admixtures for cementitious mortars and coatings
  • Comprehensive service and support from planning to construction