Sustainability that pays

Sika Solution: Membranes for cool roofs in hot climates

Sika's Energy Star-ratet reflective roofing membranes allow the owners of buildings to create high performance building structures that are acknowledged under the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED certification program. Sika's EnergySmart Roof system includes a highly reflective, lacquer-coated surface that decreases heat flow through the building envelope and has been proven to reduce the amount of energy required to maintain comfort in an air-conditioned building. Sika is a charter member of the Energy Star program to label roofing products. The program is a voluntary partnership between the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) and a selected group of roof product manufacturers.

 Sika Solution: Membranes for green roofs for better urban climates

The environmental benefits for which green roofs have obtained the most attention are improvements in air quality, storm water runoff management, reduction of urban heat island effect, and energy efficiency. During warm weather, green roofs are cooler than conventional roof surfaces, thus helping to reduce energy consumption for air conditioning and mitigating the urban heat island effect. Sika membranes along with its roofing knowledge are ideal for all green roof applications.