Getting traffic off the roads

Achieving healthier and less wasteful mobility will require an initial reorganization of urban modes of transport, which continue to revolve primarily around the automobile. Transferring traffic from road to rail is a step towards Switzerland's goal of sustainable transportation.

Sika Solution: Construction chemicals

In tunneling, shotcrete is used for immediate rock support and concrete is used for final lining. By using high-quality admixtures, Sika clients profit from extensive know-how about altering concrete and shotcrete properties and behaviour in every process step.

Sika Solution: Technical equipment

Adaptable machines and systems ensure flexibility for high-output performance. For this reason Sika provides customers with entire concrete spraying systems and admixtures for sprayed concrete, all from a single source.

Sika Solution: Waterproofing membranes

Considering the intended purpose of tunnels, it is obvious that their waterproofing must meet particularly high quality and performance requirements. Safety regarding ventilation as well as durability and perfect function of all technical installations in the tunnel is of great importance.

Sika products and know-how have a significant share in the successful realization of the Gotthard Base Tunnel - with 57 km the world's longest tunnel, when completed in 2017.