Proper sealing and bonding of insulating glass and windows

Sika Solution: Special sealant for argon-filled insulating glass

Argon gas is used to reduce heat loss in double glazing sealed units by slowing down convection inside the air space. With an argon-filled unit the heat transfer coefficient (U-value) of insulating glass can be reduced by about 0.3 W/m2.K compared to an air-filled unit. This means energy savings on every square meter of glass.
Sika has developped a highly-UV-resistant, high-modulus secondary silicone sealant for argon-filled insulating glass, which reduces argon gas to a minimum. Thus up to 20% energy savings are achievable.

Sika Solution: Bonding technology for energy-efficient and lighter windows

The window bonding technology from Sika allows the omission of steel reinforcements in plastic windows, enabling a thinner frame design. Besides an improved material efficiency and a brighter room ambience, up to 20% energy savings can be achieved this way.