Saving resources and reducing waist in concrete production

Sika Solution: Admixtures for quality concrete made with recycled aggregates

Recycling preservers natural resources of gravel and sand and reduces demolition waste that otherwise would be disposed of in landfills. Recycled aggregates are permitted in a wide range of construction applications, but must comply with the requirements of the relevant specification. Sika admixtures allow the use of recycled concrete in concrete production, so that concrete of good quality and workability can be produced.

Sika Solution: Admixtures for on-site recycling of excavated material

An exemplary implementation of on-site recycling was realized during the construction of the new Letzigrund Stadium in Zurich. The big challenge was the production of concrete with a constant quality using aggregates produced from material excavated on the construction site. This was only possible with a continuous adjustment of the concrete formulation and Sika's admixture know-how. In addition to saving extraction of raw materials, more than 6,000 truck runs were avoided because fewer transports were necessary.