Sika is where the wind blows


Sika Solution: Adhesives for the development of long-lasting wind turbines

Demands on adhesives and sealants increased significantly. Sika constantly adapted its technologies to continue providing products meeting the highest requirements. In addition, adhesives are used to bond together concrete elements for the construction of wind turbine towers.

Sika Solution: Protection against the elements

Sika reliably protects wind turbines from top to bottom - on sea and land comprising blades, machine compartments, hubs and gear boxes, steel and concrete towers and foundations.

Sika Solution: Admixture technology - a strong foundation for wind energy

High quality concrete made with Sika admixtures is reliably protected with our concrete coating solutions against damaging attacks from water, frost and weathering. Foundations for off-shore wind turbines demand special concrete design. To ensure the durability of the structure in the marine environment, resistance to corrosion, infiltration of water and chemical deterioration is required.