Switch to low carbon solar energy


Sika Solution: Adhesives for the solar industry

 Sika adhesives for solar solutions have an outstanding resistance to UV radiation, weathering and heat degradation. They maintain a very strong, yet flexible bond between parts over a wide range of temperature and climatic exposures and therefore contribute to increased service live of the solar panels.

Sika Solution: Solar roofs

Sika has over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of single ply membranes that can be laminated together with solar cells for "building integrated photovoltaic" systems. Be it building integrated solar cells or rigid cells placed on the roof, a key component in the sustainability equation is a roof system that lasts as long as the solar system.

Sika Solution: Highly reflective liquid and sheet roofing membranes

Certain rooftop solar systems absorb light not only from the sun to produce electricity but also from the reflective roof surface itself - in some cases increasing the efficiency of the solar cell up to 15%. Sika's highly reflective liquid and sheet membranes make a significant contribution to increased electricity production from the same area of roof space covered by solar modules.