Concrete Producers

Sika offers cost-optimized solutions, purpose designed for the particular cement and application, and subject to individual fine-tuning in ready-mixed and precast concrete plants, or on the job site. As a result, Sika’s business success largely hinges on its presence in all relevant local markets. Key account management is, however, also playing an ever more important role due to the increasingly globalized operations of major cement and concrete producers.

Specialized applicators

Sika products, such as Sikaplan® or Sarnafil® polymeric sheet membranes, are incorporated as waterproof barriers in roof or basement constructions. Liquid polymers help to install industrial flooring or protective coatings. Sealants and adhesives prevent water infiltration through structural joints or bond wooden floor finishes. As these works are always part of a larger scheme, Sika offers its support and knowhow to owners, architects, engineers and other involved parties at the earliest possible project stage. The professional counseling of all project parties is the key to success. This holistic approach is enshrined in the Sika watchword: “From Roof to Floor.”

Builders' merchants

Builders' merchants play a prominent role in different countries, depending on the traditional organization of the construction sector. In some countries, the smaller tradesmen’s businesses obtain materials from building supplies stores, while the larger contractors and specialist applicators purchase their products directly from Sika. In other countries, builders’ merchant outlets represent the principal distribution channel for practically all users. In the latter case, merchants also act in an advisory capacity and help tradesmen to tackle the diverse challenges arising on the job site.

Industrial Customers

Industrial customers (“Industry”) require products that are tailored to their particular needs – and these generally in bulk. Here, the focus tends to be on bonding, reinforcing and soundproofing applications. Sika technologies are primarily employed in the manufacture of automobiles, buses, trucks, railway cars and ships. Other sectors offering attractive sales potential include industrial window production, wind turbines and solar power stations.